DGICG Visits A&N Islands and Chennai
29 - 31 Dec 2004

DG ICG at 745 SQN(ICG)- Port Blair

ICGS Akkadevi at Hutbay - A&N Islands

Indira Point - Southern Most Tip of India
ICGS Vivek off Indira Point

DGICG With Relief Task Teams from ICGS Vivek,ICGS Kanaklata Barua, ICGS Lakshmi Bai and DHQ-10 - Campbell Bay

DGICG with Surg Lt. H Singh at Medical Camp - Campbell Bay

DGICG with ICG Families at Campbell Bay

Aerial view of Katchal Island

Aerial view of Chowra Island

DGICG at Carnic

Aerial view of Carnic

DGICG onboard ICGS Gangadevi at Port Blair

DGICG Meeting with C-IN-C-ANC

With Ops Team at Coast Guard Region(A&N)- Port Blair

Press Brief with H.E.the Lt.Governor
at Port Blair- 30 Dec 2004

Press Brief at Chennai - 31 Dec 2004

ICG ALH Ready for Mission at Chennai

A Group of Aboriginals on North Sentinel Island- Photographed by Indian Coast Guard Helicopter (30 Dec 2004)

Agressive Sentinel Pointing Arrow at ICG Helicopter

Elevated Sentinel Island Photographed at High Water

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