(24-27 OCT 2005)

The Sixth Governing Council Meeting of the ReCAAP

Information Sharing Centre (ISC)

1.       The Sixth Annual Meeting of the ReCAAP ISC Council was held from 06-08 Mar 12 at Singapore. Vice Adm MP Muralidharan, AVSM, NM, Director General Indian Coast Guard attended the Governing Council Meeting. At the Sixth Annual Meeting, Governors from the seventeen ReCAAP countries commended the ReCAAP ISC on achieving further milestones in research and analysis, capacity building, engagement and co-operation with other organisations with interests in combating piracy and armed robbery against ships.

 2.       The Signing Ceremony of a new HQ Agreement between the ReCAAP ISC and Singapore Government was held prior to the Governing Council Meeting at 0830 h on 07 Mar 12. The agreement was signed by Mr Lui Tuck Yew, Minister of Transport and second Minister for Foreign affairs and Mr Yoshihisa Endo, the Executive Director of ReCAAP ISC. The Agreement formalizes the Singapore Government’s continued support for the ReCAAP by hosting the ReCAAP ISC in Singapore for a further five years.

 3.       The Council welcomed the accession of the United Kingdom to the ReCAAP with effect from 2 May 2012 and their participation at this Governing Council Meeting. The expansion of ReCAAP membership demonstrates ReCAAP’s growing credibility and relevance in the international maritime community, and further underscores the importance of international cooperation in combating piracy and armed robbery effectively.

 4.       The Council applauded the ReCAAP ISC on the release of its Annual Report 2011 which detailed the findings on piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia.

5.       In the area of capacity building, the Council welcomed the successful conduct of various ReCAAP ISC capacity building activities including the ReCAAP Focal Point Senior Officers’ Meeting 4/11 co-hosted with Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) of the Republic of Korea on 7-9 June 2011 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.; and the ReCAAP ISC Capacity Building Workshop 5/11 co-hosted with the Indian Coast Guard in Goa, India, on 15-17 Nov 11. With the continual conduct of activities at various venues, participants gained exposure to the best practices of the various focal points, and to observe/experience the unique settings applicable to its local context.

 6.       The Council applauded the successful conduct of Cluster Meetings – a new initiative undertaken by ReCAAP ISC in 2011. These Meetings aimed to better engage specific Focal Point and its government agencies, shipping industries and the neighbouring Focal Points to address the issue of piracy and armed robbery against ships and seek avenues for cooperation and collaboration collectively. Two such Meetings were held in Hanoi, Vietnam and Dhaka, Bangladesh jointly organised with the Vietnam Marine Police and the Ministry of Shipping of Bangladesh respectively.

 7.       The Council welcomed the voluntary contributions pledged by the ReCAAP Contracting Parties towards the work of the ReCAAP ISC for FY 2012 as follows:

People’s Republic of China USD 50,000

Republic of India USD 50,000

Japan SGD 588,900 (estimate)

Republic of Korea KRW 100 million

Kingdom of the Netherlands EUR 25,000

Kingdom of Norway USD 100,000

Republic of Singapore SGD 1,611,300

This assistance is in addition to the secondment of staff from China, India, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand.

8.       The Council also thanked the Government of Japan for making a special contribution of USD 561,797 in addition to the yearly financial contribution. This contribution will be separately managed and be used for the development of the anti-piracy efforts for Somalia / Gulf of Aden / Indian Ocean area.

9.       The deliberations in the Governing Council provided valuable opportunity for taking an update on the progress and activities of the ISC and also laid the framework for way ahead towards enhancing the operational cooperation.

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