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Dot NIC Email ID Digital Signature Certificate   Gemalto Linux driver download
DSC Blank Form (in .pdf format)
DSC  Sample Form (in .pdf format)
Configuration Procedure (in .pdf format)
Dot NIC Email ID Encryption Certificate 1. Encryption Procedure (in .pdf format)
2. Encryption Certificate Download Procedure (in .pdf format)
3. Configuration of  Encryption Certificate (in .pdf format)
4. Export Public Key for others (in .pdf format)
5. Import others public key on their Email IDs (in .pdf format)
Dot Prime Minister's scholarship Scheme Advertisement
Application form
Renewal Form
Details of applicants
 OM. Regarding Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general election to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly (in .pdf format)
 Nomination forms (in .pdf format)
 List of Officers, EP's,Civilians not forwarded MICR & IFSC code to PCDA (N), Mumbai (in .pdf format)
Dot PCDA (P), Allahabad Circular on Pension Claims (in .pdf format)
Dot S1 /PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) Form (in .pdf format)
Dot PCDA (Navy) Letter on Non Receipt of S1 Form  
Dot Officers Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 1  
Dot Officers Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 2  
Dot  Naviks Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 1  
Dot  Naviks Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 2  
Dot Civilians Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 1  
Dot Civilians Non Receipt of S1 Form Sheet 2  
Dot MoU with Hotels (in .pdf format)
Dot CGBR Uniforms Indian Coast Guard (in .pdf format)
Dot Pension Forms     (in .pdf format)
Dot Medical Bulletin (in .pdf format)
Dot Pension Benefits (in .pdf format)
Dot Hostel application form for serving/retired ICG personnel dependents (in .pdf format)
Dot PTM/TM Awardees  
Dot Coast Guard Benevolent Association (CGBA)  
Dot NGIS  
Dot ECHS  
Dot MoU For Salary Disbursement  
Dot MCPE (in .pdf format)
Dot MCPE Model Question Paper (in .pdf format)
Dot New Personal Accidental Insurance (PAI) with RGICL (in .pdf format)

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