1.       Preamble: - Wearing of MCPE/ACV/Command badge by eligible officers has been approved with effect from 01 Jul 2005.


2.       Eligibility: - The eligibility conditions are as follows: -


        (a)      Silver Star




Qualification Criteria



Any Officer (GD/PN/Tech) who qualifies MCPE



ACV operator (CO/XO) on completion of operational time of 200 hours by day and 30 hours by night



Any Officer (GD/PN) who has completed cumulative command of commissioned ICG Ships for more than 24 months.


MCPE and Command

As per Sl (i) & (iii) above



As per Sl (i) & (ii) above


Command and ACV

As per Sl (ii) & (iii) above


MCPE, Command and ACV

As per Sl (i), (ii) & (iii) above


(b)      Gold Star




Qualification Criteria






MCPE,ACV and Command



Any officer (GD/PN) MCPE qualified as well as ACV operator (CO/XO) completed operational time of 600 hours by day and 300 hours by night and has cumulative command of ICG Ships for more than 5 years is entitled


ACV and Command

Same as Sl. (i) above except for MCPE. This caters for officers of the “Pre-MCPE era”


3.       Design: - The badge is to be of circular shape (dia – 25mm) having Navy blue background with “MCPE/COMMAND/ACV”, as the case may be, words engraved along the edge of the badge and a Silver/Gold star (dia – 10 mm) embossed on it, as per the conditions laid down in para 2 above. The design of various badges is placed at an enclosure -1 and also hosted on ICG website.


4.       Wearing: - The badge is to be worn on the right side of the chest in the middle of the breast pocket on all uniforms except No. 7,8,9 & 10.  In case the officer is having Safety Award Insignia (SAI), then the SAI will be worn immediately 25mm below the badge. (Amendment to para 4 (ii) a (i) of CGO 11/2001 will be issued subsequently). 


5.       It is pertinent to mention that officers will be entitled to wear one badge only of all the categories mentioned at para 2 above. As and when the officer qualifies any of the specified criteria, i.e. MCPE or Command or ACV operator, he can accordingly claim for adding the additional qualification in the badge. The eligible officers are required to forward the claim as per format enclosed (enclosure – 2).  The claims are to be forwarded by the Commanding Officer of ships/establishments to the respective administrative authority who will in turn forward to the Dte (Pers), CGHQ. On approval from CGHQ the officer will be entitled for the badge.


6.       Specifications: - CGHQ will be nodal agency holding the authorized specifications of the badge and will carry out initial procurement, in order to maintain quality and standardization.


7.       Procurement and Stocking of Badges: - Badges will be available as on payment basis. URC ICGS Delhi will undertake procurement of the badges, which would in turn further distribute to the Regional URC’s for sale. Regional Commanders will be requested to place consolidated demand to URC ICGS Delhi by 30 May 05.


Various Designs of Badges.


           Claim Form (in .pdf format)