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E– Guide For Serving/Retired CG Personnel and their Families


The Coast Guard Benevolent Association (CGBA) is a charitable organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI 1860 with Registrar of Societies, Delhi Administration vide Regn. No. S/11189. 

The Aim

The Primary aim/objective of the Association is to render financial assistance and to relieve serving as well as released/ retired Coast Guard personnel and their families from hardship/ distress.


The Director General Indian Coast Guard is the President of the Council which administers the affairs of the Association. The management is vested in the CGBA Council constituted as follows :-


The Director General                                             – President

The Addl Director General                                      – Vice President

COMCGs (West),(East), (NW) and (A&N)                      – Member

DDG (M&M)                                                              – Member

DDG (Ops & CS)                                                        – Member

The Principal Director (HRD)                                       – Member

Chief Law Officer                                                      – Member

The Director of Administration                                    – Member

The Director of Medical                                              – Member

The Secretary                                                                         – Member/ Secretary

How to apply

         The prescribed application form completed in all respects duly recommended by the Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charges/HOD alongwith requisite supporting document(s) as per CGO 03/2007  is to be forwarded to the Secretary CGBA, Coast Guard Headquarters, National Stadium Complex, New Delhi – 110 001.


The rates of contributions are as under: -

             Officers Rs. 100/- per month w.e.f. 01 Sep 08

             Enrolled persons Rs.40/- per month w.e.f. 01 Sep 08.



Individual member proceeding on deputation within India / abroad is himself / herself responsible to ensure continuity of his / her contributions to be eligible for benefits of association.  Members may either send monthly / quarterly demand drafts in favour of CGBA or may deposit full amount for duration of deputation in advance. Failing which amount will be recovered with interest on reversion to Indian Coast Guard.  Director (Personnel) / Officer-in-Charge BUVIK shall intimate PCDA (N),CG Section for deduction of corresponding amount under intimation to Secretary, CGBA for officers and enrolled persons respectively on reversion of deputations.        


The recovery of contributions will commence from the pay of Officers / Enrolled persons from the month they join the service.  The recoveries will be made by PCDA(N) CG Section, Mumbai through the pay accounts of the serving members and remitted to the Secretary, CGBA. Serving personnel are to have a minimum of 5 years membership to be eligible for assistance. 


Commanding officers are to forward duly scrutinise application to the Secretary, Coast Guard Benevolent Association directly.  Applications in respect of Commanding Officers are to be forwarded through Administrative Authority.  While forwarding applications, Administrative Authority are to ensure that the applicant’s request is genuine and he is in a position to repay the loan two months prior to release / retirement.   


Normally a new loan will not be granted, irrespective of the purpose until and unless the loan sanctioned earlier has been liquidated completely. However, if a case of sudden or unforeseen distress is established and full details are furnished with the application the new loan can be sanctioned on approval of Relief and finance committee.  The maximum number of loans that may be granted during the entire service span of an individual shall not exceed the limit of five loans.


In the case of an individual who has a loan outstanding at the time of his appointment or deputation abroad, central / sate government and public sector undertakings, CG Section PCDA(N), Mumbai is to notify the balance of the loan including interest thereon, if any, to the ship/unit of the individual. It will be the responsibility of the individual concerned to deposit the outstanding balance of CGBA loan with interest, if any, in lump sum with the Secretary, CGBA through a Demand Draft drawn in favour of Coast Guard Benevolent Association prior to deputation.


In the event of an individual is discharge/dismissed from service for reason(s) what so ever, the CG Pay Section is to recover the balance of loan in one lump sum from the amount due to the individual from his pay account and retirement / terminal benefits or individual may make DD in favour of CGBA and forward the same to CGHQ.


The list of candidates eligible for the loan from CGBA is available on Coast Guard web site. The roster is updated on monthly basis. However, the loan will be sanctioned on approval from Relief and financial committee.

Details of Financial Assistance admissible to serving Coast Guard Personnel




    Scholarship for coaching classes
    Incentive for sports

Details of Financial Assistance admissible to EX-CG Personnel (Pensioners) and their Dependants



Other Grants


Appendix ‘A’  -Application for Loan / Grant

Appendix ‘B’  -Application form–Loan for hiring of Accommodation

Appendix ‘C’ - Application for Furniture Loan

Appendix ‘D’ -Application –cum– declaration for Loan for Specialised Medical Treatment                              

Appendix ‘E’ -Undertaking/ willingness certificate by the CG Personnel for obtaining a loan from for specialized Medical Treatment in Civil Hospital       

Appendix ‘F’ - Request for special investigation/ procedure/ operation at Civil Hospital

Appendix ‘G’ -Certificate for Daughter’s/ Sister’s Marriage

Appendix ‘H’ -Certificate for Self Marriage by the Commanding Officer

Appendix ‘J’ -Certificate for House Repairs (Normal/ Natural Calamity/Declared National Disaster)

Appendix ‘K’-Receipt and Declaration form

Appendix ‘L’-Application for award of scholarship

Appendix ‘M’- Rent Receipt

Appendix ‘N’ -Utility Certificate

Appendix ‘P’ -Application for award of incentive for sports Serving CG Personnel and  their wards. 

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