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The Regional Headquarters of Coast Guard, North West is located at Gandhi Nagar. Presently the Region is commanded by Inspector General  SP Sharma, PTM, TM. The Coast Guard has a force level of one OPV, one FPV, one IPV, two Hovercrafts, eight IB, two Dornier aircraft and two ALH helicopters in this region.

Oct 2009


On 05 Sep 09 at about 1700 hrs, whilst ship was operating at International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) with Pakistan, a message was received by the ship from Commander Coast Guard District   No-1(COMDIS-1), intimating about missing of a fishing boat named “Roshni Sagar” (Reg No. VRL-6291) since 03 Sep 06 with 06 crew onboard, due to engine failure. The boat was suspected to be anchored in area off Navadra Lt. (35 NM off Porbandar). ICGS Meera Behen which was operating in the area was initially directed by COMDIS-1 to locate the distressed boat and provide necessary assistance. However ICGS Meera Behen could not locate the boat and had to enter Okha as it had developed some machinery defect.

On receipt of the information, the ship shaped course towards the last known position of the distressed boat. The ship arrived in the area off Navadra Lt. at 0600 hrs on 06 Sep 09 and commenced search in area. After extensive close coast search in area, at around 1000 hrs on 06 Sep 09, the fishing vessel “Roshni Sagar” was located by the ship. The fishing boat was  anchored in position 22 Deg 03 Min North 069 Deg 02 Min East (302 Navadra Lt 12 NM).  The Ship’s technical team was deputed to fishing vessel for assessing its engine and feasibility for repairing the same. However, in spite of efforts by the ship’s technical staff the engine of the fishing vessel could not be repaired. Meanwhile, necessary medical and logistic support to the crew of the distressed boat were provided by the ship. On 06  Sep 09 at 1130 hrs, the ship handed over the distressed boat to another fishing boat “MFB Jayasree Pooja” operating in area and directed it to tow the distressed boat to Porbandar. The distressed boat was towed safely to Porbandar by fishing boat “Jayasree Pooja”.



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