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On 17 Jul 09, New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) intimated, Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) New Mangalore, that MV Asian Forest was dangerously listing in position 11 nautical miles from Mangalore light house, and required immediate assistance. On receipt of the message, the MRSC, New Mangalore at 1235 hrs, diverted Indian Coast Guard Ship Sankalp which was patrolling off Mangalore to render assistance. ICGS Sankalp reached the area and observed that the distressed vessel was listed 30 degrees to starboard. ICGS Sankalp escorted the distressed vessel to New Mangalore anchorage area and enabled the vessel to anchor 06 n miles south-west of New Mangalore port. After confirming from the master that the situation was under control, ICGS Sankalp was diverted for another rescue operation for MV Shaheen, which was also on distress off Karwar. In the meantime, MV Asian Forest anchored off New Mangalore, tried to stabilise it's list by flooding its ballast tanks and by maneuvering the vessel. However, the vessel could not control its stability and dangerously listed to 45 degrees to port side.

The distress situation become so grim that, the master of the vessel decided to abandon the vessel at about 1600 hrs and requested the Coast Guard / Port control for assistance. ICGS Sankalp enroute to Karwar, was diverted to proceed at maximum speed to render assistance to MV Asian Forest. ICGS Sankalp reached the distressed vessel and observed that the vessel was listing 50 degree towards the port side, with large waves splashing onto the deck. On investigation, it was revealed that 13 out of the 18 crew had managed to disembark into the ships life boat, and were rescued by locals near old Mangalore port. The remaining 05 crew including the master of the vessel, who were in the life raft were rescued by ICGS Sankalp.


MRSC, New Mangalore maintained close liaison with the police, district administration and local fishing association, until the 13 crew were rescued off old Mangalore port. ICGS Sankalp entered New Mangalore and handed over 05 crew to local police.


On 18 Jul 09, ICGS Kasturba Gandhi and a Coast Guard Dornier on patrol reported that MV Asian Forest had sunk in position 06 nautical miles from New Mangalore at 1340 hrs. The Coast Guard views this incident with concern as the area around Mangalore has become a graveyard for ships and this is the second incident in as many years.



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